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The ultimate personal mentoring to develop your thinking skills, inner connections, and deep understandings you need to transform your life.

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Learn the exact skills, techniques and action steps to master your thoughts, feelings and actions in all your business and personal life situations.


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Mentoring and consulting for entrepreneurs – learn the exact skills, techniques, mindset and strategies to help grow your business, and your team.

‘The impact he has had on my business and my life is continually growing…

I had always been dubious of ‘coaches’ and other such individuals, as I had often been of the mind that those who cannot do, teach. Des Gray was a shining counterexample to all of my skeptical perspectives. Des lives his work. He is a masterful communicator, an encyclopedia of understanding, and one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever met.

Chloe Swarbrick
Creative Director, The Lucid Collective. Auckland, New Zealand.