Small Business Growth – Shocking Truths

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What the Guru’s aren’t telling you

The small business growth rules have definitely changed… 

Have you?

Imagine you’re a professional athlete playing in a high-stakes game. You’re sharp, your skills are honed, but you only get paid if you win.

You’re down to the final seconds… and you have to score the winning goal. You eye up the goal, you give it your best shot – and you’re bang on target… 

Then suddenly, right before your eyes… someone whips out, and moves the goal posts!

You scream out protesting, but no one listens… The whistle goes and the game’s all over. You’ve lost the game and your pay cheque! You’re totally baffled, how could this be?  …Well, ‘the rules have changed, and you’re still playing the old game!’

Your Biggest Challenges to Small Business Growth

Customers are smarter; it’s faster and more competitive than ever… Just like the professional athlete; you either win, or you don’t. With small business growth, what used to work well yesterday hardly always works at all today, and will only serve to cripple you tomorrow – because the goal posts keep shifting.

Regardless of how good you think you are, if you’ve still playing the old game, then you’re way behind before you even start.

The small business growth game has changed, and so have the rules… Now, you need new skills and strategies to win… Sitting comfortably with average skills just shrinks your profits away!

The level of business you play at is determined more by ‘YOU as the Small Business Owner’ more than any other factor, period! 

If you want to step up your business growth, then YOU have to step up first… YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH leads your small BUSINESS growth.

Once, you could get away with a good product or service, a few skills and a good smile. But those days are gone, it’s all changed… Today consumers are more astute and knowledgeable. They’ve done their homework, know what they want, and why… They’re spoilt for choice on where to buy, and on price.

Competing more successfully now requires taking a different approach. New perspectives, insights and new skills are the order of the day. Why? Because your customers are thinking differently, and if you’re not, then you’re way behind the eight ball… or you soon will be.

The Fish Rots from the Head, First – Right?

Every single decision you make, or don’t make, dramatically affects your small business growth… YOU are the make or break – you’re at the helm. The old saying; ‘The fish rots from the head’, holds true.

Let’s face it… If something’s not working well anymore, it’s either because;

    1. You’re unaware of it
    2. You don’t know how to fix it, and won’t seek help – or you won’t acknowledge it
    3. Or, you’ve consciously chosen to suffer it – blindly hoping it will go away!

The world’s shrinking; now, even small mistakes are costly – and social media instantly spreads the word like wildfire… No one has time to muck around anymore, and honestly identifying where you stand PERSONALLY, is the first step in overcoming any challenge.

Today’s market is lightning fast and unforgiving… Barriers to entry are lower, profits are squeezed, and the competition’s crazy.

small business growth, shocking truths

How much money are you missing?

Once you let something slip, then it’s almost impossible to get it back. Why? Because there’s thousands of sharp operators out there eagerly waiting to snatch up any opportunity they can find. Don’t make it any easier for them…

If you leave any door open, they’ll snatch your business from right under your nose.

And if you think you’re playing it safe by standing still – then think again. You’re actually going backwards. The sad fact is, if your business isn’t achieving small business growth, then it’s slowly dying…

If you don’t change your  Small Business Strategy you’ll be strangled out.

And when you do change, then you’ll be way ahead of 95% who don’t change, or won’t change!

Blinkers, Blind Spots & Leaving Money on the Table

It’s easy to think we’re immune, but the figures speak for themselves…

Lack of skills and knowledge, not recognising or ignoring weaknesses, and not seeking help can kill your business! ‘Success leaves tracks’, and one of those is to NOT fall unwittingly into the same mistakes made by others.

With small business growth, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You might think little of upgrading to the latest cell phone, car, or latest piece of equipment… but it’s too easy to forget that you need to ‘UPGRADE YOURSELF’. In a changing world; if you don’t grow, how can you expect your business to?

'Of all the Small Businesses that Fail...'

Blinkers and blind spots are great for horses… but entrepreneurs should avoid them like the plague!

Perception and insight are key. Plain and simple; ‘The more you’re able to see, the better you’ll be.’

'80% of Bottlenecks are Internal... '

You own the business, and YOU are the most important part of the business. YOU are the driver of your small business growth; everything follows your direction and leadership, or lack of it… AND you’re using the same amount of time and energy whether you’re winning or not!

That’s right, the same energy is required to achieve good small business growth, as it is to stand still.

How Much Money is Slipping through Your Fingers?

So how much money are you leaving on the table… how much are you letting slip through your fingers… and what’s your personal cost?

If you’d like to know, then start by questioning your assumptions in ALL areas of your business.

  1. What are your assumptions in this area, and what if they ‘weren’t true?’
  2. What if they were just ‘your perspective?’
  3. What are you ‘not seeing’ because you’re in your own way – and what’s it costing you?
  4. Where are your bottlenecks; ‘what’s the reality behind them, and why?’
  5. And what’s your ‘specific plan to address each specific area?’

Don’t be thrown off-course just because 95% of your colleagues may agree with your current perspective… Why? Because it’s dangerous! Have you ever noticed when people all think alike, they seem to experience similar challenges?

Plain and simple; the small business growth rules have changed, so now you need better answers.  Just like the professional athlete with his honed skills, it’s getting harder to win if you’re still playing the old game.

Stepping yourself up with better Small Business Strategy gets you new answers, helps you win more, helps you collect bigger cheques… and gives you a better lifestyle without the stress!


Small business growth, short and simple: ‘Different results demand different thinking…’ If you’re still thinking the same way you were five years ago – then you’re trading trading five years behind the times!

Honestly? What would happen if you bought in an outside perspective to show you the vital things you’re not seeing? What if you, and your team were equipped with different answers, and better skills for small business growth?  What if your customers were experiencing you differently for the better, and they started selling themselves?

How would that impact your small business growth, how many challenges would disappear… and how would that affect your ability to play a better game? You know the answer…

So, now more importantly, WHAT are you going to do about it?

The Real Magic is in What's Behind these Strategies... How thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are guided... and what's needed for the customer to sell themselves. Seeing your business from a different perspective, how its' all put together, how it builds on itself, and how it is all rolled out... You can get the secrets here

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