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Why Borrowing Wisdom & Experience pays off…

Why is borrowing experience from a business consultant so important for your business?

Imagine you’ve just purchased the latest, high performance sports car. It’s a big investment… but it’ll return you a lot of pleasure!

Smiling away, with your engine burbling, you cruise off into town.

You pull up to the traffic lights, alongside a beaten-up, old rust bucket of a car… the driver grins and rev’s his engine…

The competitions on – no problem, you’ll leave him in the dust!

The lights flash green; it’s all on, and you plant your boot hard…

Suddenly your car jerks forward, your engine coughs, and spits… and the old rust bucket leaves you in the dust!

Disgusted, you scream out to the car dealer; ‘this car’s NO dam good!’ …He just smiles, and replies; ‘If you want to go really fast, the invest in some higher-octane fuel, and change YOURSELF into a better gear…  otherwise you’re just fooling yourself’.

You business is just like the sports car… if you’re feeding it ordinary fuel, it’ll just cough and spit along. And if you’re in the wrong gear, it stalls – and you’ll get left in the dust!

If you want your business to go faster and smoother, then you have to invest in some higher octane fuel, AND shift into a better gear!

That’s where a good business consultant or business coach comes in.

Business Consultant, Business Coach, Business Mentor?

Firstly, let’s clear-up any confusion, so we’re all on the same page…

‘Is there a difference between a business consultant, business coach, and business mentor?’ To be quite frank, in the majority of cases, that’s a big fat ‘YES’… One ‘consults’, one ‘coaches’, one ‘mentors’… each being different in skill-sets, depth, function, and end result.

…PLUS their actual real-world experience can vary DRAMATICALLY; and it’s their experience you need!
See Richard Branson on the Importance of Real World Experience –

As an entrepreneur, with over 35 year’s hands-on business experience, I frequently cover ALL three roles, individually and collectively. Therefore in the context of this post (and website); ‘Business Consultant’ means, business consultant + business coach + business mentor as a combined ‘whole’

… because that’s the holistic service, and experience I provide.

Sweet Dreams, Or Nightmare on Elm Street

Why lay awake at night worrying, when you could be blissfully dreaming?

A good business consultant fosters a close ‘business partner’ relationship, one that’s built on trust, understanding and confidentiality. They’ll explore your plans, opportunities and your skills… and what keeps you awake at night! They’ll help you work through challenges, and provide answers.

Choosing the right business consultant means you’re never alone. You won’t wear yourself out, or make needless, costly mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Neither will you need lay awake at night worrying about your business…

The specific reasons for engaging a business consultant can vary greatly depending on your business or situation… but the impact and pay-off can be huge, both personally and professionally. Common reasons include; business advice, business growth, perspective, insight, strategy, overwhelm, sounding board, stressed, spread too thin, individual growth (professional & personal)… etc, etc.

Peering Into the Looking Glass…

Just how deep does the business consultant Rabbit hole go…? Let’s have a quick look at just three core reasons why you would engage a business consultant:

1. Sounding board for your ideas, plans and concerns. Providing different perspectives, insights, possibilities and ideas (not thought of, or need exploring). Designing and developing new business strategies, and refining your existing ones. This can be for the business as a whole – or specific areas, eg. management, sales, marketing, business strategy, personal growth, self mastery, etc.

2. Providing new skills, techniques, experience and perspective… Plus building and refining your existing skills and techniques… this creates powerful combinations, and multiplies once you add your team.

3. Continuing life-time payoff; you keep using everything you learn – forever!  The perceptions and skills you gain continue to grow exponentially, assisting your success and returns in any venture.

Points 1 & 2 challenge your thinking, grow you, and can have immediate pay-offs… Point 3 is exponential; your pay-off just keeps rolling on, for free!

Business Consultant – High or Low Octane?

Business consultants come in all shapes and flavours, but not all are good for your business! You can grab low octane for cheap, or free… or you can invest in high octane and help GROW YOURSELF and you business. So how do you choose?

For maximum impact, choose a consultant who has the experience, and abilities to combine business consulting, business coaching, business mentoring, and business strategy… AND most importantly; a specialist in entrepreneur development and self mastery.  That will ensure you’ll go way past the ‘usual business consultant basics’ – and you’ll GROW PERSONALLY from the experience.

At first glance, choosing an ‘industry specific’ business consultant makes sense, but you might find yourself doing the same things as your direct competitors… You’ll find there’s many advantages to bringing in ‘outside answers’, especially if you want business strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Knowing When to Hit the Accelerator

Regardless of the economy being fast, or slow – the best time is always right now. …there’s always more businesses fighting for their share, ‘but fewer actually going after it’. A good business consultant will show you the opportunities that are always waiting to be picked up.

For example… History shows that; ‘leading businesses’ going into a recession, are frequently not the leaders coming out of a recession’. Why? Because times of recession (or downturn), present quite different opportunities to those existing previously.

A good business consultant will challenge your thinking. If you’re thinking differently, then you’re more aware – and different perspectives uncover many different opportunities.
See How Successful Leaders Think – Harvard Business Review.

You can seize those opportunities, while your competitors remain stuck, still doing the same old things… And you can do it all with little extra cost, or effort – just by borrowing experiences from a business consultant!

Perspective shifts can be life-changing. With the right tweaks, you’ll be doing similar things, but in different ways and with bigger pay-offs… and your competition won’t know what’s happening.

Don’t Finish at the Red Light

No time, no money? Business IS time and money. It’s about making money from something; you provide your product or service for a return. Remember, the true mark of an entrepreneur; ‘investing time and money, to make MORE time and money’ – while enjoying a better lifestyle…

Remember, there’s always a cost. The question is which cost; investing in something and generating a larger ongoing return, or continually paying the price for not having it – and losing the opportunities?

Good business seeks good advice from specialised sources. Lawyers, business consultants, accountants and bankers; each one plays a specialised, and totally different role within your business.

Or to put it another way; ‘Don’t go to your GP for brain surgery, go to the brain surgeon.’ Both maybe excellent, but each perform different roles, and with vastly different outcomes!

Drowning in Information, Starving for Insight!

We live in world that’s in ‘information overload’. One that thinks it knows it all, but one that’s often sadly lacking in ‘insight, and skills’.

You could spend years just sifting through Google, or even business consultant pages – and still be no further ahead, or worse – following the wrong direction!

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Drowning in information.. but starving for insight!

Information and application are not the same thing… they’re different beasts.

The truth is; ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’… and what you don’t know does hurt you – and in business that costs you dearly!

Your business may be great, or maybe a bit slow sometimes. You might be ‘the best in the business’… But if you’re racking your brains, trying everything, and your staff are not as enthusiastic as you’d like… then you’ll hit the wall.

Continue on the same, and you’ll just wear yourself out… and your business will turn from ‘dream, to nightmare – overnight’.

Breakdown, or Breakthrough?

Even the best in the world hit the wall, but they never linger… You’ve hit the wall, so where do you go now? …You go for insight – from an experienced business consultant!

Firstly, understand that 95% of your thoughts and actions are subconscious, and automatic. You’re mostly unaware of the deeper thoughts driving your every action! Surface thoughts and actions are conscious… but not the deeper powerhouse ones that are driving you… they’re subconscious!

Secondly, recognise that YOU are the single biggest success factor in your business.

Now, clearly understand the combination; ‘95% of our thoughts/actions are repeated, unconsciously and automatically’, and; ‘you hold the power’… In plain English; ‘most of us are using our power to go round in circles!’

Yes, we create our own brick walls or barriers!

All top business and sports people know; ‘to break through the wall; you have to grow’. That’s the fine distinction between winners, and losers… and ‘the quickest, easiest breakthroughs’ come from borrowed wisdom, knowledge, skills… and most importantly, insight!

The best business investment you’ll ever make is investment in yourself.

So just like the sports car, you can get left behind at the traffic lights… or you can shift yourself into a better gear, and power away faster on high-octane by engaging a good business consultant, or business coach.


A good business consultant provides a great sounding board for your ideas, plans and concerns – and comes from a base of real-world experience. You’ll gain valuable new perspectives, possibilities, and most importantly… life-changing insights!

Designing, combining and refining your ideas leads to powerful strategies in all areas of your business. Introducing new skills, techniques and experience, coupled with ‘hands-on’ business coaching, amplifies your results throughout your team.

Engaging a good business consultant, and investing in yourself provides both, ‘immediate’ and ‘life time payoff’. You get to keep everything you learn… forever. And you can utilise it everyday, or any day – year after year to continue building your personal and professional success.

And if you choose to go deeper, an exceptional business consultant will teach you self mastery, and how your mind works, fill-in the missing links, and lead you to personal and professional growth way beyond business…

So now, the big question is… ‘what are you going to do about it?’

The Real Magic is in What's Behind these Strategies... How thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are guided... and what's needed for the customer to sell themselves. Seeing your business from a different perspective, how its' all put together, how it builds on itself, and how it is all rolled out... You can get the secrets here

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