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des gray mindworks, business consultant, business coach

Des – exploring San Francisco

As an entrepreneur, you’re always seeking that ‘elusive something’ to really lift your game… so you can dramatically increase your personal impact, and results.

You know it’s out there; but the big question is where?

You can spend a lifetime searching via motivation, information, and new shiny objects – and never find it.

Or you can explore inwardly… and discover that ‘elusive something’ that opens up, and transforms your world – almost immediately.

At Des Gray Mindworks, we do exactly that; we open up new worlds for entrepreneurs…

You get to uncover, and master the real power of your thoughts, feelings and actions – internally, a new light switches on.

So you can… quickly begin to get past the barriers, struggles, and frustrations that were holding you back… Your mind clears like never before, your thoughts, feelings and actions work together. Your skills concentrate, and build – everything falls into place – and hidden opportunities open up.

Think you’ve heard it all before? …Please Stop and Think Again

Break New Ground, Personally and Professionally

Light up, and break new ground

What most business experts don’t want to admit is; it’s all about mastering yourself – NOT your business. Master yourself, and your business follows.

Master yourself, and everything changes; personally, and professionally.

It’s not about overwhelming yourself with more information… it’s all about uncovering priceless insights. Life’s an inner game, and self mastery is the secret that’s missing.

We’ve done the hard yards, sorted out what works, and what doesn’t…

So… you don’t have to spend years in frustration, suffering, or searching for answers… stressed out in overwhelm, or second guessing yourself.  We’ve eliminated all the obstacles for you. What took us decades to develop, and refine, you can start using almost immediatelyso you can achieve significant changes within your business, and personal life.

And more importantly – we can show you exactly how it all works, for you specifically – the how, and why!

You’ll find the Mindworks approach compelling and powerful regardless of industry, or experience… and it’s backed up with over 30 years of practical, in-depth business knowledge and experience.

 The Story Behind Des Gray Mindworks

dea gray mindworks, business consultant, business coach

Moving past your limits…

Des is a serial entrepreneur from New Zealand. He purchased his first business in the 1980’s, and went on to launch three additional successful businesses, all in different industries.

In 2001, he established ‘Des Gray Mindworks’ – with a mission of transforming business people via mindset, and advanced self-mastery.

Certainly not the usual tired, old business crap that gets rehashed… Instead, valuable tools, insights and techniques that eliminate stress and struggle, open minds, stimulate powerful action, and build business.

Des has committed a lifetime to studying the relationship between business, ancient wisdom, and self-mastery. His discoveries and developments break new ground for entrepreneurs, and business people… ‘they simply get you there faster’.

Des is one of few key individuals who can articulate these powerful techniques, in an easy to understand manner – especially for business people. Des’ distinctive approach is compelling and powerful. He brings fresh perspective, insight and strategy; he thinks differently, shifts mindsets, and progresses business.

As well as business consulting, and coaching companies and individuals; Des also speaks at seminars, conferences and webinars about self mastery, business mindset, and business strategy.

Des is a born and breed ‘Kiwi’ and has travelled extensively. Along with developing entrepreneurs, he also loves photography, exploring cultures, snow skiing, tramping… and scuba diving.

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